Furniture is overpriced in stores

If you're in the market for furniture, you probably already know this. Furniture is incredibly overpriced. Often times, you'll find yourself paying $500 for a 5 piece dining room set that is poorly built, and will last 2 years at best. Sadly, thats industry standard, but we plan to change that. 

Amazon pricing

As you can see, on Amazon, you can buy this counter height table, and 4 chairs for $237 and free shipping. This same item at a Brick and mortar store will net you around $500, plus a shipping/asembly fee of anywhere from $60-150. 

Amazon can get away with this pricing because they do their own shipping. That brings their cost down hugely. For us to sell that exact piece, we'd be looking at about a loss of $30 if we sold it for that price. But its not insanely out of our range is it? How? Well, furniture is incredibly cheap for the furniture companies you're visiting. 

The internet is a very weird place in terms of sales. If we look at this piece from Amazon, its fairly easy to ship, its made cheaply and mass produced. So you can get this piece for absolutely nothing. Conversely, take a look at this piece - 

large 12 chair dining chair

The cost of this table is about $800, but its incredibly difficult to ship, so the market value of items like this are just naturally higher, especially because Amazon wont touch something this difficult to ship. 

What if we can adapt the furniture market to the internet. Get you guys affordable furniture, thats solidly built, easy to ship, and a trusted company thats not going to try take huge margins. 


Thats us, that, thats our vision, and we hope to see it come to fruishion within the next few years.

Stick around for the ride, in the meantime you can take a look at what we have to offer now. Affordable stuff, hard to ship, but fair pricing.